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Thami Modonsela
Date published: 11/11/2020
Category: News
Tags: Digit FMS; Digit; fuel management; Digit
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Digit FMS - Agric

With over 20 years of experience in the vehicle fleet management industry, Digit FMS is a leader in its industry. Their product is produced here in this country, designed and maintained in-house, which means only Digit is able to update or secure it. This should give clients comfort knowing that their data is being handled by the creators of the software and not by an unknown third party. Such a security feature is vital in this current environment.

Because of all these years spent invested in clients, Digit is able to drill down into exactly what their clients need and where their resources must best be planted. One of these areas is in fuel management. Many businesses lose countless litres of fuel, be it diesel or petrol, due to wastage and theft. This obviously negatively affects all operations, and ultimately profitability. Digit offers a brilliant working solution that keeps precise measurement and monitors all fuel movements, 24 hours a day. They call it live monitoring. In fact, live updates can be provided at frequent intervals, when moving, and when stationary, thus ensuring that any attempt at the siphoning off of fuel is immediately identified and can be acted on without delay.

With a lot of information being available at hand, Digit makes it very easy and simple for the clients to obtain, read and understand their requested information. It is all clear and concise, adding up to only a page. This saves time and resources, cutting out unnecessary downtime and makes decision-making that much simpler. Some of the actions that the system takes include verification of fuel add and drop locations with exact time and dates, SMS notifications of such and the ability to execute for multiple tanks of up to three per vehicle. The system shows some really good and absolutely reliable performance on bowser diesel tanks. Moreover, the sensors can be programmed to be able to accurately read odd-shaped tanks as well.

The Digit FMS, is a one-stop, all-encompassing fleet management solution that every business, small or large, can rely on. Their after-sales service is highly reputable and their products are world-class.