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Thami Masemola
Date published: 25/06/2021
Category: News
Tags: Massey Ferguson; The People’s Tractor - MF 35; South African farmers; MF 35; Massey Ferguson manufactures;
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Massey Ferguson MF 35

Massey Ferguson makes some of the most dependable agricultural machines on the planet. The People’s Tractor - MF 35 tractor is an example of such and is available to all South African farmers and similarly interested parties. Of course being an MF product means it is highly suitable for the country’s conditions, many of which are new or previously-neglected farmlands, and weather conditions.

The MF 35 is an advanced, yet rugged machine with capabilities that defy its value proposition. For one, the naturally aspirated 2.4-litre engine produces 27kW (36.5hp), as well as 137Nm of torque at a low 2000rpm. Paired to it is a 6 forward / 2 reverse type transmission with a smooth operation, and a single dry plate clutch. Because the engine is easily accessible, it encourages regular servicing and maintenance, which in turn results in its longevity.

It is easy to operate, the gears are easy to select and their spacing makes the tractor suitable for a wide range of tasks. With a fuel tank of 35 litres, one would be able to complete plenty of work before needing to refuel. Good ground clearance assisted by 6.00-16 and 12.4-28 front and rear wheels and tyres also give the operator safe, simple access and a sufficient view from their seat. The analogue/ digital instrument cluster is easy to read and understand.

Massey Ferguson manufactures all their equipment and machines to the highest standards, while keeping them as accessible as possible to a wide variety of users. The MF 35 has high levels of manoeuvrability, making it ideal for smaller spaces. Simultaneously the unit’s rear three-point hitch has a maximum lift capacity of 1 100kg, great for haulage, planting and cultivation implements among others. Some of the most suitable pairings for the MF 35 include MF Disc Harrows, MF Disc Ploughs and MF Mouldboard Ploughs.