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Thami Masemola
Date published: 29/06/2021
Category: News
Tags: Massey Ferguson; rake; rakes; Massey Ferguson rake range; Single Rotor; Two-Rotor; Four-Rotor; Two-Rotor; MF RK 802 PRO; MF range
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Massey Ferguson High Performance Rakes

One of the most useful, yet possibly underrated farm implements is the rake. Hardworking, trusted, and not difficult to operate, these tools are essential when one is involved in work such as baling. Massey Ferguson has long recognised this and set about working on creating and producing the right rakes for the right price. High in quality, durable in design and easy to use, the Massey Ferguson rake range stands out from the rest.

Designed with a special bolt-on connection for the rake, the system uses a conical ring that forms a sturdy unit. It has the advantage that the tine arms can be replaced individually without completely dismantling the rake socket. The tangential tine arms are ideal for swathing, while the rake head protects the important components from elements such as dirt and dust. This in turn allows for a longer lifespan of the unit.

A standout feature is the Massey Ferguson patented Steerguard steering system, which provides highly accurate steering, as well as high levels of safety and durability. The fully cardanic rotor suspension system adapts to any ground situation independently of the frame.

On offer are Single Rotor, Two-Rotor or Four-Rotor, Two-Rotor Central Delivery and Four-Rotor Central delivery units. The Single Rotor features a sturdy tine support through strong tubes that perfectly fit, thus reducing friction, right-sided swath deposits for the best view, the right working height and overload protection for the powertrain among others. Two-Rotor units feature something Massey Ferguson calls the “Jet effect”, which means the rotor first lifts at the front, and then the rear. When lowering, the rear wheels land first, followed by the front ones. The MF RK 802 PRO – a Two-Rotor Central Delivery unit - features an optional 6-wheel contact-sensing chassis and the cardanic suspension of the rotors, automatic working width pre-selection, and tidy raking work. It is ideal for large farms as it can cover 14m in working widths.

As one would expect, Massey Ferguson offers the right range of rakes for the job, at the right price. And if it is a workhorse and rake pairing you need, the MF range has the best combinations suitable to your needs.